What should I pay attention to when using a car vacuum cleaner?
Release time:2022-01-22 09:20:09

1. Before using the vacuum cleaner, check whether the fuse of the power supply can carry the current for starting and working of the vacuum cleaner. (General product instructions have instructions in this regard.)

2. Turn off the power switch of the vacuum cleaner, insert the power plug into the socket of the car cigarette lighter, (should start the car first, then) turn on the power switch of the vacuum cleaner, and start operation.

3. When the dust reaches a certain level or needs to be cleaned after use, press the clip on the dust cover to open the dust cover to remove the dirt.

4. It is best to wear a mask when using a car vacuum cleaner to vacuum, because the use of a car vacuum cleaner is easy to cause dust to rise, and users are more likely to inhale the raised dust. It is strictly forbidden to put your hands or feet under the suction mouth during use to avoid danger.

5. In the process of using, pay attention to whether there are foreign objects blocking the straw, or abnormal noise, smoke, etc., and you should stop using it immediately in the above situation. Continue to use it after removing foreign objects, otherwise the motor of the vacuum cleaner will be burned.

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