F-8 12V Jump Starter
F-8 12V Jump Starter
Category: Car Jump Starter
1. F8 is a 12V professional jump starter for automobiles, which can jump start various brands of diesel and gasoline vehicles in seconds.
2. It is suitable for all types of 12V cars, with a peak current of 1600 amperes when starting.
3. Patented safety protection, with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection, which can be safely connected to any battery.
4. LED lights, with three modes (illumination, strobe, SOS), which can be used as flashlights or send rescue signals in emergency .
5. There is a 12V DC output port, which can supply power to various vehicle electronic products: small refrigerators, air pumps, vacuum cleaners, etc.
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12V Multifunctional Car Jump Starter (F8)

The battery with UL certification, a portable power bank with a capacity of 16000mAh

The real current at the clamps is up to 800 amperes- for all 12-volt diesel and gasoline vehicles

Can Jump Start: 12 volt- Displacement 7000cc petrol car / 6000cc diesel car.

LED flashlight: lighting / strobe / SOS

Can start: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and almost all 12V vehicles


Model: F8

Capacity: 16000mAh / 99.9Wh

Battery type: lithium polymer

Peak current: 12V / 1600A

Starting current: 12V / 800A

Working temperature: -20℃ to 60℃

Input: DC 14V / 1A

Dimensions: 250 x 140 x 100mm

Weight: 1.1 kg

Life time: more than 1000 times