F-25 2000A Jump Starte
F-25 2000A Jump Starte
Category: Car Jump Starter
Power Jump Starter Battery Pack: with 2000 amps peak current, can jump start 12V(Up to 8.0L Gas/7.0L Diesel Engine)cars, vehicles, SUVs, trucks, boat+. Upgraded technology makes it more stable and safer to start the car in different environments.
Safe&Easy To Use: Safety smart jumper cables has 8 protection functions, even wrong connection will not sparks. The led light display and beep will help you distinguish Operational issues.
Dual USB Output: Power bank is 10000mAh capacity, 12 months standby. With two USB fast charge output ports (5V/3.2A).
Type-c input Port: Easy to full charged within a few hours.
LED Flashlight: Car jump starters built-in spotlight LED light, super bright with 3 modes(Lighting, Strobe, SOS).
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Battery Capacity : 37000mWh / 37Wh / 10000mAh

Battery Type : Lithium-Ion

Peak Amps : 12V / 2000A*

Clamp Power : 12V / 1000A

USB-C Input : 10W Max. (5V / 2A)

USB-A Output 1 & 2: Total 16W Max. (5V / 3.2A) 

DC Output : 96W Max. (12V / 8A)

Weight : 410g

Size : 162 x 85 x 29mm

Standby Time : Up to 9 - 12 Months

When you havn't drive your car,

becasue of a business trip or trveling for a long time,

Or forget to turn off the headlights,

the car battery would be too low to jump start the engine.

Or while the weather is too cold / the temperature is too low

the battery would be frozen and failure to work.


12V Powerful Jump Starter

Will help you out of the embrassing and to flaunt you choice.

It is for

—— Gasoline & Petrol ——

Petrol vehicles - 8.0 L ( 8000cc Max)

Diesel vehicles - 7.0 L ( 7000cc Max)

Can start: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and almost all 12V vehicles


Multi-protection Smart Jump Start Cable,Safe to Use and Simple to Operate

Intelligent anti-reverse charge >>> 

Effectively block the large current from the car engine after starting, and protect the jump start battery from damage

Short Circuit protection >>> 

Can effectively avoid short circuit damage caused by wrong operation

Reverse Polarity protection >>> 

Even if connected the clamps to the battery terminal by mistake, the protection will be activated immediately, and the red light will warn you

Over-heat protection >>> 

Detect circuit board and battery temperature to prevent damage caused by high temperature work

Over current protection >>> 

Can effectively refuse using over power 

Low voltage protection >>> 

Prevent the battery from being used when the battery voltage is too low

High-voltage protection >>> 

Prevent trying to jump start 16V/24V and other high-voltage batteriesand damage this product

It is not only a power bank

With 2 USB Output port to recharge 3C digital products: 

mobile phones, pad, MP3, MP4, game player, camera, etc.

A jump starter

self-designed by JQB, it fits all practical applications,

 even if the car is totally flat, or even without a battery, it can start the engine in seconds.

And a 12V power supply

With DC 12V outlet, which supply power for car refrigerator, vacuum cleaner and tire pump for normal use.