P-300 320 Watt Pure Sine Wave Generator
P-300 320 Watt Pure Sine Wave Generator
Category: Portable Power Station
1. Continuously output AC Power 320 watts, no damage to your devices.

2. Support Solar Panel to harge, could get power outdoors.

3. a USB-C In & Out 60W port + a 30W out port, could fast charge your typec devices.

4. with 10W wireless charger, could power your mobile phone wirelessly.
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  Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery

  Capacity:  12.8V / 24Ah (307.2Wh)

  2 x AC Output: 110V, 50Hz or 60Hz;   220V, 50Hz or 60Hz. Rated 320Watt.

  DC Input: 10-28V, 3A (5.5mm Port)

  2 x DC Output: 12V / 10A

  Car Port: 12V / 10A

  2 x USB-A Output: QC 3.0

  USB-C Output: PD 30W

  USB-C In & Out: PD 60W

  LED Light : 3 modes-Lighting, Strobe, SOS.

  Weight: 4Kg

  Size: 297 x 193 x 190mm

  Life Cycles: 500+

  Operation Temp: -0℃ to 40℃

2 x Pure Sine Wave AC Output Port

It can continuously output AC Power 350 watts.

It can run a blender, pellet smoker, projector and surveying instruments. 

It can also be used as an emergency backup power supply in the event of a power outage.

 It can supply power to light your lamps, laptops, fans, mini cookers, phones, small fridges, CPAP, and other devices.

It is Pure Sine Wave Tech and harmless to device.

It is a big POWER BANK

 1. 2 x USB-A Output : 2*QC3.0 18W

     ■ It can supply power for smart phone, game player, iPad, smart watch, and AirPods.

 2. 1 x PD 30W USB-C Output

         1 x PD 60W USB-C Output (IN & OUT)

     ■ Can quickly charge laptop and smart phone.

     ■ Support PD, QC, FC, Apple 2.4A, FCP/AFC, USB bc1.2, etc.

 3. Wireless Charge : 10W

     ■ Can quickly charge mobile phone and other  mobile electronic wirelessly.

12V DC Power Supply

12V Female Output Port (Cigarette Lighter Output) : 12V/10A.

 12V  DC Output : 12V / 10A.

Can power up 12V devices: mini fridge, air compressor, vacuum cleaner, etc. 

Support Multi-Recharge Methods

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